Well so did I!

Not only was Larraine awarded the coveted Crab-pen award (on Cinco de Mayo) for “clucking-along” during the chicken song, but Bob & Anne showed up from INDIANA! My little wife was there, and I sang “her song”: Mexican Octoberfest. And Big Bob Hevner and his lovely spouse Jill showed up from PA, and Bob sang and played with me.

I am proud. Indiana Bob was my friend when a student at Wesley College where I was teaching at the time, and he is having a lovely and productive life in Indiana. The “other Bob” was recently my student at DCCC, where I encouraged him in his elder-student career. From infrequently chastising his fellows for their laziness and providing a super role-model, he’s graduated to teaching a class himself and “scaffolding” a class of slow learners by sitting in on their sessions and answering questions after, while pointing out that what they are learning is often applicable to life—though they may not see it now.

He should know: he’s worked at Gitmo. AND he is getting paid (a little bit) for this. While his main focus remains working to supply disabled vets with guitars and instruction and just a caring ear. Get the picture? Big Bob is a good guy and I’m proud to be his buddy. AND he’s taking a load of vets to perform at the Preakness. Purty neat.

And thanks for the $, Larraine. I’ve been recording a Canadian song and am in desperate need of pizza.

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