Recent ups & Downs 

 I will MC and perform at the Blackbird Forest Fall Festival October 20th. Blackbird, a National Estuarine Research Site, is muy remote, and a beautiful place.


 Friday, May 25, 2012
IOWA! We had such a nice time there—a space away from everyday, in quiet idyllic but sort of drab since there’s just a sameness, miles and miles of fields, the same kind. But what civility-something that is sorely missing hereabouts but more on that later.

Went to my/our buddy Bob’s wedding to his sweetheart Anne. Whose family is in Iowa on a (!) farm. Tom and Janice, her folks, were a lively and interesting couple, open and warm in the midwestern style, and possessors of a wind…Read more

Well so did I! 

Not only was Larraine awarded the coveted Crab-pen award (on Cinco de Mayo) for “clucking-along” during the chicken song, but Bob & Anne showed up from INDIANA! My little wife was there, and I sang “her song”: Mexican Octoberfest. And Big Bob Hevner and his lovely spouse Jill showed up from PA, and Bob sang and played with me.

I am proud. Indiana Bob was my friend when a student at Wesley College where I was teaching at the time, and he is having a lovely and productive life in Indiana. The “other Bob” was…Read more