October 1st, 7 PM: I’m going to see JOHNNY NEAL at Twin Lakes brewery! 

October 6th, 4-7: SLIM CHARLES and I will rock the tent at VOLUNTEER BREWING in Middletown. 

            Simon may join us. https://www.volunteerbrewing.com/ 

October 7th, 7:30, I will HOST the Open Mic at KENNETT FLASH in Kennett Square, PA. Show up 

            early to sign up! http://www.kennettflash.org/ 

October 20th, from NOON to 5, Charles and I will play and run the stage at BLACKBIRD FOREST 

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Crabmeat’s Wonderful August 

On Wednesday the 1st, I’ll perform an Environmental Children’s Show at Bethany Beach Nature Center, at 10 AM. 

Thursday, the Ninth, I’ll be at Corbit-Calloway Library in Odessa, presenting Part III of “A History of Rock n Roll” (with personal insights and singalong), from 6:30-7:30 PM. Then I’ll rush home to watch the Iggles spank the silly Patriots. Again. 

Friday, August 24th, Charles and I will perform at a NEW BREWERY RIGHT HERE in Middletown! 

From 6-9 we’ll be at…

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Why the Lord Called me to be Crabmeat 

I was always a difficult child. 
When my father got home from the war I was two, and he marched into the house and picked me up and I cried. He cut off his moustache, and took off his uniform, but every time he touched me I would bawl. During my first two years I had been around only women and the mailman Mr. Ralph, who was in uniform. It was 1946, and all over the U.S. fathers were coming home, scaring their kids, who thought they were mailmen. 
We lived in Ardmore, PA, outside…

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Trumpets at Midnight 

Trumpets at Midnight 

I was back in Dewey Beach, playing my guitar at the Starboard and wherever would have me, sharing a cottage with Matt Schwartz and six others who were only there on weekends. 

Matt was taking his last summer as a complete human being off from work. In the fall he would go to Drexel for his MBA, and he was savoring every vacation minute. His tan glowed in the dark; he ran five miles every day at NOON! We bought a net and strung it to the basketball hoop and played with whoever showed…

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St. George’s Country Store 

Great time at North St. George’s Country Store. Charles and Richard were on fire, and we sang some Merle Haggard. Maureen Uritis came over from Jersey with Jim, and she wowed Gene with her rendition of Sippy Wallace’s “Women be Wise (keep yo mouth shut!).” Andy, a teenager who’d just lost his cousin, sat in with Charles and Richard, jamming out on his Fender. I hope music will soothe the pain he must feel. I know I’ve always sung—always, from when I was knee high. But it got much more therapeutic when I…

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Hot Springs All Over 

2015, January: Just back from a week in Florida. My first day I made the pilgrimage to Warm Mineral Springs outside of North Port, and soaked a while in those healing waters. A sign at the doorway leading in to the springs tells just a bit of the story of Col. William Royal, who dove down in the springs and at nearly 100 feet found, among the fossils and pottery shards of the ancient Native cultures, a 13,000 year old human skull—at that time the oldest human remains found in Florida. A lot of this stuff…

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Surprising Benefits in CHICKEN FAT  

UDaily October 29th revealed startling benefits to be found in ordinary chicken fat.

10:19 a.m., Oct. 28, 2015--Just as poultry is steadily gaining in popularity on dinner plates, the chicken is growing in attractiveness as a biomedical model for studying health issues ranging from headaches and ovarian cancer to cystic fibrosis and muscular dystrophy.

It turns out that the chicken may also help researchers better understand diabetes and obesity.

Research Stories Equine microbiome Researchers at…

Back from Camp COPPERHEAD 

I'm giving away! “Fly Toward the Light,” which I completed in 2004 and recorded in 2007. "Fly" is a complete break from my earlier work, which shared many of the predilections of the 19th century French Parnassians. In “Fly” I contrast the image of the underpaid mojados, Manuel and Nacho with the privileged world of the chiropractor Jim, who of course represents my mother or a snake. 
“A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds, adored by little statesmen and philosophers and divines” Ralph…Read more

Rolin rollin rollin 

Three gigs in a row last week: bang bang bang. Thursday I wisely skipped work at day job, University tutoring ESL, to rest up for my marathon. That evening I played in a small park to maybe a dozen or two, in and out, eating, playing with kiddies, on the lawn in a small park on the corner of Main Street in Newark. Some coworkers, among them a terrific guitarist friend and retired Math prof Michael Brooke and our young resident poet genius, who was schooled by my old football coach of the National Champ…Read more

Everything I Ever Needed To Know I Learned From Zombies 

 Everything I Ever Needed To Know I Learned From Zombies
1) Movement Is Life
2) Move Quietly
3) Help Each Other
4) Be Prepared
5) Listen To Your Dog
6) Turn Off Your Goddam Phone
7) A Zombie can ruin a good wife, but a good wife can ruin a Zombie movie by wondering why Brad Pitt can’t just find a cure for the poor Zombies rather than BLOWING THEIR HEADS OFF and only protecting Non-Zombies